Dolphin Celebrates V-Day's 10th Anniversary in New Orleans

Winnie and Duncan celebrated the 10th anniversary of V-Day, an international movement to stop violence against women and girls, in New Orleans with activists and from around the world. This incredible event connected women and men from around the world in celebration of the past 10 years of V-Day and the next 10 to come.

The Superdome harnessed the energy of each and every person that walked through its doors and transformed that energy into solidarity.

This was Winnie and Duncan's first visit to the United States, and when asked what what they thought about the US, they replied in an e-mail:

"Your question about how we think of the USA is that it was a wonderful experience visiting a superpower country where many have tried to visit but not succeeded. The people are very friendly including the whites and the African Americans. Take an example in the hotel we were staying and the one we were taking our meals,the people were so friendly and ready to listen to any small detail you needed. During the V IO it was so exciting that Duncan was mobbed and hugged by so many women and girls especially the white ones."

This event connected Dolphin to the thousands of individuals, who before that weekend, had never heard of them or the work that they do. It was instrumental in building a global coalition to end violence against women and girls.

Read more testimonies, watch videos, and view photos at V-Day's website.

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