New University Master's Student Works With Dolphin

Golzar Selbe, a master's candidate at the Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy, worked with Dolphin in July, and experienced first-hand the importance of the anti-rape workshops. Below is an excerpt of an e-mail she sent to family and friends:

So as you know I am in Kenya working with an amazing organization called Dolphin Anti-Rape and AIDS Awareness Outreach. Being here I have grown to love not only the organization, but the people who work for it. Especially the founders, Winnie and Duncan. It has been around, and struggling, since 1998. It travels to elementary, middle and high schools teaching AIDS awareness, teaching boys to respect women and NOT to rape, and mostly working with the girls and teaching them self-defense against rape.

There are many girls who have used these defenses and saved themselves from rape, some who I have even met. The youngest was 8 years old, and the oldest is 65. When school is out, then travel to women's centers, churches, and orphanages to teach other women.

Despite their long standing NGO status and their great work, they struggle financially. I walked up the steps of the building their office is in, down a dark hall in to the office. I was amazed to see one empty room with some plastic chairs, a desk, and brochures and flyers on the desk. There was only one light bulb, but two light fixtures. When I wanted to get a video of the walk into the office through the hallway they had to remove the light bulb from the office and put it in the hallway just for me be able to record. This is how little money they have. There are posters on the wall from different organizations like V-Day or UNICEF. But that is all. Still they are able to do such amazing work. Every penny they get goes directly to gas and cost of transportation to the schools.

It was like out of a movie. I couldn't believe it. It breaks my heart how little they have, but inspires me to see how much they can do with so little. I have never seen an organization run so efficiently.

When I first arrived in Kenya, Dolphin was operating with no computer, printer, internet, or file cabinets. Their accounting book was full and they needed a new one. Not to mention the light bulbs. With the amazing help and support of my wonderful friends, family, and their friends and family we were able to raise $1,894! The best part is that number is still growing. I am still getting checks and new pledges. This was able to furnish the office with a computer, 3 in 1 printer to minimize their external costs, a file cabinet that locks (which is necessary), light bulbs, a Katarsi Analysis book, 2 tanks of gas, and some stipends for the local volunteers. These valuable people need and deserve the financial incentive to keep them around and fulfill their needs. Their patience when it comes to stipends amazes me; how many full time jobs do you work for without a paycheck?

So, after a nice long pat on our backs, it’s time to realize that our work is not done. Their car is still barley functional, and being a mobile organization that travels to the schools directly, it is a crucial component that needs to be updated. The car is so old and beaten up that when they picked me up from the airport the police pulled them over to tell them that they aren't allowed to drive it to the airport, as they do not want foreigners seeing such an old and ugly vehicle. With a better functioning vehicle they can maximize the amount of schools they can reach in a week, and they can venture into the outskirts of Nairobi. Now we are working to raise money for a new vehicle. If everyone donates a little then a lot can be done. Our suggested donations are $20 each, but give as much or as little as you can; be it $5 or $100.

Thanks for being a part of the team!

Dolphin Celebrates V-Day's 10th Anniversary in New Orleans

Winnie and Duncan celebrated the 10th anniversary of V-Day, an international movement to stop violence against women and girls, in New Orleans with activists and from around the world. This incredible event connected women and men from around the world in celebration of the past 10 years of V-Day and the next 10 to come.

The Superdome harnessed the energy of each and every person that walked through its doors and transformed that energy into solidarity.

This was Winnie and Duncan's first visit to the United States, and when asked what what they thought about the US, they replied in an e-mail:

"Your question about how we think of the USA is that it was a wonderful experience visiting a superpower country where many have tried to visit but not succeeded. The people are very friendly including the whites and the African Americans. Take an example in the hotel we were staying and the one we were taking our meals,the people were so friendly and ready to listen to any small detail you needed. During the V IO it was so exciting that Duncan was mobbed and hugged by so many women and girls especially the white ones."

This event connected Dolphin to the thousands of individuals, who before that weekend, had never heard of them or the work that they do. It was instrumental in building a global coalition to end violence against women and girls.

Read more testimonies, watch videos, and view photos at V-Day's website.

Pantyline Productions...Saving the World Through Panties

Pantyline Productions donates 20% of all sales to Dolphin Anti-Rape & AIDS Outreach Control.

Founded in 2003, Pantyline has been the official organizer of V-Day South Lake Tahoe, and in March of 2006, Jennifer Gurecki, panty extroidanier, worked with Dolphin in Kenya, teaching anti-rape workshops.

If you are interested in hosting a Panty Party as a fund raiser for Dolphin and a local organization/group you support (including V-Day events), please e-mail Jennifer at

Interested in the panties? Visit her website.